The 100 Mile race is Western States 100 qualifier

Time Limit 100 mile, 30:00 Hours


Packet pickup & Race Start address

Nordic Trail Head

9127 Kettle Moraine Scenic Dr

Whitewater, WI 53190

GPS Coordinates:  42.82003, -88.6015


Packet Pick up TIme

Friday: 4:00 to 7:00 pm for all races

Saturday: 5:00 to 5:45 am for 100 mile and 100k only 

GPS Coordinates:  42.82003, -88.6015

100 mile and 100k Race Day start times

Race start: Nordic

Time: 6:00 am


Race start: Staggered start every 10 minutes after 5:30 pm

Location: Nordic

This is a non competitive 38 mile night time FUN run! If you are pacing a runner you can start when they come through.



BUS: We will have a bus spot for 75 runners. After that runners will need to arrange their own ride to the start line. There will not be buses back to the start line after the race.

start line: Start line is Suppernong

Gps coordinates: 42.9405,-88.4619

start time: 1:00 pm

Drop Bags

Tarps are laid out to leave at race start line on race morning, or Friday packet pickup. Have them marked with your name, bib number, and aid station they are going to. Keep bags a reasonable size and weight. The size of a small gym bag, 12 x 12 x 36 inches. 15 pounds or lighter.

We suggest having your drop bags in a rain resistant package.

Emma Carlin: Mile 15.7 and mile 47.4

Scuppernong: Mile 31.6

Nordic: Mile 0, 63.1 and 100.6

Hwy 12: Mile 77.4 and 86.3

At each aid station we will have a “return” tarp. When you will no longer need your drop bag put it on the return pile and we will get it back to the start line on our next trip.

Suggested drop bag gear

  • Directions and preset gps coordinates for your crew

  • Change of clothing. Rain is always a possibility at Kettle

  • headlamp or hand lights for night running

  • Favorite snack/ aid stations are well stocked but it is nice to have snacks from home

  • photo of family

  • music

  • change of shoes and socks

  • pre-downloaded episode of podcast “Ten Junk Miles” to get you through some tough miles.