Course Manager Keith Aurand

Keith on Grays Peak in Colorado. His first 14er


Meet Keith Aurand…

Keith is our course manager. He is a trail-runner, adventurer, community organizer and a friend to many. We are very lucky to have him on the team.

Race week Keith will set up headquarters on the trail using his sweet camping gear and continuously work on the race course. He marks trail running courses on a regular basis for his “hometown” running group “The Yeti’s” out of Dixon, Illinois.

We asked Keith a few question to help get to know him better (notice RACE DAY is his birthday!)


53, Birthday is June 1st Race day


Born, raised and currently live in Dixon Illinois

Family – Single

Occupation and how many years at job?

Raynor Garage Door, mechanical engineer, 33 yrs

When and why did you start trail running?

I started running at 40 based on a challenge from a family member, just a local 5k. First trail race was a year later and I’ve not looked back.

What distances and do you have a favorite trail race?

I’ve ran every race distance from 5k to 150 mile, except marathon distance of 26.2. 50m is my favorite distance, no running through the night.

What race accomplishment are you most proud of?  

50 mile at Cry me a River the first year, “the year of the storm 2015”

What, for you, is the best part about volunteering at trail races?

Helping turn dreams into reality and keeping them in the (game) moment.

What have you learned from trail running?

It is the best quiet time you can spend when you’re solo and the best social time when with a group. Life goes by way too fast and the only time you can slow it down is during later miles of a long trail run.

What advice would you give someone considering getting into trail running or racing?

Get out into nature and pursue your dreams, it’s a great place to fail searching for your limits.

Do you have any goal/big trail races in 2019? 

Leadville 100


This is Keith’s SWEET camping set up that he will have at Kettle

Keith adventuring in the Grand Tetons!

Keith adventuring in the Grand Tetons!