Kettle 100 - Size matters

 Wow, I had no idea the race would fill up so soon. This just shows how quickly our amazing trail running community is growing. It also leaves me with decisions to make that I did not expect to be making.  

Anyone that knows me is aware how much I want to see people reach their running goals. Filling the race up means I will get months of emails from runners that had their heart set on running the race, and were surprised it filled up so quickly. Telling people “no” is very hard for me. I love this race, and totally understand how disappointing it would be not to get in.

My Race Directing style is flashy in swag, and conservative in numbers. I feel that smaller numbered races create better experiences. I have always set my race caps at numbers I knew our team could handle, while keeping the small community feel on race day. The close community is what made me fall in love with this sport. If our races get too big - we will lose that. Big races are for road runners. I enjoy a big road race, but I come to the trails for something different.  For that reason. I have decided to hold firm on the cut-off.

To the folks that don’t get in - I feel bad that I did not give you a big warning.  I encourage you to come out and volunteer. Working an overnight aid station is the only all-night partying I do. There is music, drinking (Tailwind of course 😉), and amazing fun with friends.

Thank you so much for your support! We are going to have an epic 2019 race. We look forward to seeing you on the trails!

Michele Hartwig - Race Director

Race caps:

100 mile: 250 runners

100k: 125 runners

50k: 150 runners

38 mile fun run: 100 runners

We re-arrange the race caps since we had so many people not get into the 100k and 100 mile race. It only slightly raises the total, but it allowed for our first day wait list request to get in the race. We will do our best to make sure each spot is filled. We are offering deferrals to encourage people not using their spot to give it up for the wait list.

Thank you everyone. Feel free to message me with any questions.

New caps:

100 mile: 300

100k: 150

50k: 150 runners

38 mile fun run: 60 runners

A couple exceptions:

***one thing that is so important to our trail sport is being good stewards. I am going to open a couple spots for folks that want to raise money for the Ice Age Trail Alliance. I need do some research on that. I will share more after I have talked with them.

***I have promised a few people a spot that are signing up late, so we may go over our numbers. I wanted to disclose why our numbers may go a little higher.

***we will allow all Gnarly Bandit runners in who have completed Zumbro and entered the Superior lottery

****we will allow Midwest Slam folks in until February 1st

Midwest and Gnarly slammers- please email me for a bypass code to register.

Friends, kindness and community. That is what trail running is all about.

Friends, kindness and community. That is what trail running is all about.