100 Mile Course Record

Men: Zach Gingerich, set in 2009: Finish time 15:17:32

Women: Donna Perkins, set in 1998: Finish time 18:12:30

100k Course Record

Men: Michael Borst, set in 2015: Finish time: 8:34:57.9

Women: Kami Semick, set in 2005: Finish time: 9:45:13

50k Course Record

Men: Jake Hegge, set in 2014: Finish time 4:16:24.4

Women: Emily Ansick, set in 2015: Finish time 4:43:10.2

100 Mile Team Relay course Record

Men: MW Conf has-beens, set in 2006: finish time of 13:44:10

Women: Gyro Trash, set in 2016: Finish time of 16:48:55